Friday, December 19, 2014

Enzo's Picks - December

Greetings all my friends.
 This month,I decided to comment on some of my favorite cuts and styles as Anna did last week.
As with all married couples, you'll see we like some of the same styles.
Be sure to leave your comment down below on what YOU like!

The Angled Bob
One of Anna & my favorites because it's a great compromise cut. It's both short, while remaining long, coupled with a wicked angle.

The Asymmetric Bob
Another one of my and Anna's favorites because this edgy hairstyle features a side section which is longer than the other side. Another great compromise cut.

Blunt Cut Hair
This sharp cut is blunt and uniform with no layers. I like it because it has a certain classiness of being a like bob without being too severe.

The Bowl-cut
This cut brings me back to my younger days. There was always a cuteness factor to the girls that had bowl cuts back in the day that still ring true today. While I could never imagine my wife sporting a cut like this, it's one I like to dream about.

The Buzz-cut
I always look at women with buzz cuts as extremely bold, brave and beautiful. Not every woman can successfully wear this cut, but those who can look stunning. Unfortunately, some women are either forced to wear buzz their hair due to cancer, or choose to buzz their hair to support those who have cancer. Of those women, I feel they are truly beautiful both inside and out.

 The Buzzed Nape
This has to be my favorite aspect of a short hairstyle. I love it all, from a highly buzzed nape to where the buzz is just peeking out below the hairline. There's just something about a buzzed nape that excites me!

 The Fade
Along the lines of the buzzed nape, those cuts that fade to the skin look ultra sexy.

The Chin Length Bob
This is my favorite bob length, where the hair is cut straight to the chin with or without bangs. To me this is the quintessential bob.

Cornrow Braids
I never realized that I was a fan of cornrow braids until the day I spotted Anna walking down the beach with a head of freshly braided hair. I've been a fan ever since.

The Crop
The crop is another cut that not every woman can successfully wear. The proper bone structure is critical for the cut not to look too butch and manly. Crop cuts rate high for me when given just a bit of style like below.

The Halo Hairstyle
Another cut that brings me back to my younger days, this style was popular with ice skaters, whose hair circled their heads as they moved gracefully with their movements, and still remains popular today.

The Helmet Bob
With it's sharp lines and shaped just so, these bobs are blunt cut around the face and perfectly sprayed into place like a helmet. A very extreme bob that's usually found on the runway but rarely on the street, it seems to have a chic factor that is only recognized by designers and myself.

The Layered Bob
This look is becoming popular as girls who had pixies are growing them out and transitioning into this cut. It's been growing on me the more I see it. Some stylists are also calling it The Shattered Bob.

The Mushroom Cut
Similar to the bowl cut, this cut is slightly longer and softer, giving it a less severe look, while remaining edgy. And like the bowl cut, I'm not holding my breath in anticipation of my wife getting this cut, but it's nice to admire.

The Permed Bob
The 80's gave us a perms in every form, but my favorite were the ones cut into a bob.The soft curls cut off in blunt style make the hair look cute and sexy. Like Anna, I'm hoping perms make a comeback. I'd love to see her wearing a permed bob like she used to.

The Pixie Cut
The pixie seemed to be the cut that everyone wanted about a year ago, but those who did found out the cut required much more maintenance than anticipated. While most celebrities have already grown out their pixies, some girls have adapted and created stunning styles like below.

The Precision Bob
Nothing says elegance like a precise bob. It's sharp,clean cut edgy lines give this cut a slick look worthy of Grey Poupon and a Rolls Royce. A++ in my book.

Side Shaves
Side shaves have that 80's vibe for me, especially when paired to a peak hairstyle like below. This particular girl's hair has so many aspects that I love, including a buzzed nape, curls and highlights. 

The Stacked Bob
 It’s a spin on the classic bob, with hair closer to the neck cut a bit longer than higher layers. It gives this bob a softness that both Anna and I love.

Undercuts are like the prize in a box of Cracker Jack. You gotta dig your hands in and moves some stuff away to get to that great prize buried beneath! Yummy!

I hope you've enjoyed my picks this year, and thank you all for commenting and supporting our blog. It was fun.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Anna's Picks - December

Hi Everyone!

My picks for December are some of my favorite cuts and styles.

The Angled Bob
I liked this bob because it was short in the back, but still looked long in the front

The Asymmetric Bob
The Asymmetric bob I once had made me feel edgy

Backcombed Hair
I love how this looks, but can never replicate it at home.

Cornrow Braids
I miss my summer braids. Unfortunately anyone over 40 should not get these braids

Buzzed Nape Bob
I admit I liked the buzzed nape, as long as my ears weren't showing

 The Concave Bob
I liked this bob variant when it was too cold to buzz the back

 The Permed Bob
When will the 80's fashion come back so i can get a perm like this again?

The Flip
This is currently one of the things I like to do to my hair. This particular one is awesome

Panel Highlights
Followers will recall my blond panel highlights on my dark hair. I love the curls that go along with this coloring

Barrel Curls
This is another thing I'm currently doing when I have the time

Pin Curled Hair
I was once in a wedding, and all of the bridesmaids went to the salon where our hair was set with pin curl clips. the result was like below

The Pony Tail
I know I'm going to get some slack for this one, But I like them, and think they can look elegant

The Color Red
My favorite color right now!

The Sock Bun
I love this variant on the up-do. I can't wait to try this when my hair gets long enough

The Stacked Bob
The bob to get when you just want to keep it simple

The Graduated Bob
I liked the way this bob looks in the back, but haven't found a stylist who could replicate it

Long Straight Hair
My current style. I'm hoping to get my hair to this length

The Lob
The Long Bob (Lob) is what I said I had this year as I was growing out my bob. 

The Wob
 The Wavy Bob (Wob) is  is the hottest bob right now. It's an easy to style bob that doesn't require it to look perfect. The messier the better! If I still had a bob, this is the one I'd get.

Multi-colored hair
Spoiler Alert! - I've been talking to some friends and am looking into getting this color combination possibly in the Spring of 2015

Hope you all liked my picks this year!