Friday, July 18, 2014

Mrs. Perfect-Cut

As a tribute to my good friend Perfect-Cut, I wanted to share these amazing photos of Mrs Perfect-Cut, who was described as his wife, muse and haircut model/guinea pig.
In no particular order, please appreciate the beauty of Mrs Perfect-Cut, and the efforts of  Perfect-Cut and his quest of what he called the Gold Standard of hairstyles.

Thank you Mrs PC for your contribution to our community

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

RIP - The Perfect-Cut

It with deep sadness that I report new news that our good friend, Mr.Perfect-Cut has finally lost his battle with lung cancer on July 3,2014.

I started exchanging e-mails and phone texts with Perfect-Cut roughly 2 and a half years ago. Since then, I learned that he was a highly intelligent man, with a Civil Engineering Degree and served as an Officer in the US Navy, In 2001, He proposed to his wife, who we have come to know as Mrs.Perfect-Cut, a woman who shared his passion for sports cars, reading and hair-styling.

In January of this year, PC called me on a Sunday afternoon and told me he for the past three years, although he's a non-smoker, he'd been living with lung cancer and only had three to six months to live. An Atheist, he had come to terms with his mortality and avoided spending time coming to terms with God or being angry about why this affliction struck him. Instead, he wanted enjoy the time he had left and wanted  me to maintain his website. 
Unfortunately, with an unknown amount of time to live, his plate was to too full to have the time to outline his plan for what he wanted me to do, but he did make headlines in local newspapers by holing what he called a "Pre-Passing Party" in his hometown and in New Orleans. As he explained to me, he didn't want to waste away in solitude if he still could socialize with relatives and friends. He didn't want to force people to make somber pilgrimages to his bedside in his final days.So he threw his own "wake". Both parties were huge successes and are a testament to his brilliance. 

Prior to his passing he set up several social media accounts 

Twitter (@ThePrfctCut), 
Google+ (+ThePrfctCut)

In one of his last e-mails to me, he wrote "I LOVE CoolBobs and am forever indebted to him and his pioneering effort - and don't want to undermine his site BUT it seems that we hairheads need a Twitter (or something account) to allow us to have the conversations about our current interests and photos/videos that now sometimes goes on his site".

I think If he had more time, he could have got the Twitter idea off the ground and running.

I'm going to miss PC. I always found him very inspiring. By not giving up in his final months, he's taught me we have to live our lives joyfully.