Friday, April 24, 2015

Haircut Remorse

While searching for the pixie hairstyles for last week's update, We found an increasing number of girls who had "pixie cut remorse", where they regretted cutting their hair and couldn't wait for it to grow back.

The fact is, we can sometimes act crazy depending on our moods, feelings and emotions. Sadly, one of the things we want to change when were’re in a different mood is our hair. 

The need to change hair can be expressed in different ways. Some girls wear extensions to make their hair look longer, while others cut their hair for a different, but not always better look.

 Below are some girls who thought a haircut would be a good idea, but ended up regretted cutting their hair.

Unfortunately, I can relate to all 5 of the above girls, but If I had to narrow down what would be my biggest haircut remorse, it would have to be the time I tried this...

 As I found out, cutting bangs isn't easy.

I trimmed a little hair, and my bangs weren't even, so I trimmed a little more and they still weren't even. 
I kept trimming until I realized I'd  cut my bangs a lot shorter than I wanted, and they still weren't even!

Lesson learned. Don't cut your hair unless you know what you are doing.

Do you have a haircut that you regretted? Please share it below!


Friday, April 17, 2015

Perfectly Precious Pixie Cuts

Pixie cuts are some of the cutest styles ever. I say that with more than a little bit of envy, because there”s no way Anna will ever get one. The grass is always greener, I suppose, which is probably why I love admiring ladies who can pull off their precious pixie cuts. If you”re thinking of taking the plunge and getting a pixie chop, or if you simply admire the women who can work this look as well, please enjoy the inspiration. 

 Pixie Cut with Long Side Bangs

Asymmetrical Pixie

Punk Pixie Cut

Choppy Pixie

Hipster Pixie

Boldly Colored Pixie

The Super Short Crop

Lovely and Charming Pixie Cut

The Flippy Pixie

Simple Pixie

Edgy Pixie

Textured Pixie

The Long Pixie

Wispy Pixie Cut

The Swooped Pixie

Curly Pixie

Fine Pixie

The Uber Textured Pixie

Retro Pixie Cut

The Classic Pixie

The  Pixie Grow Out