Friday, September 12, 2014

Anna's Picks - September

Hi Everyone!
Enjoy my sections for September

I still love a stacked bob

The color on this is to dye for!

Awesome pin straight hair style

Red. It's my new favorite color!

I want a sock bun!

When will the perm come back? I miss my curls

Cool 2 tone bob

My hair is too thick to be blunt cut like this

LOVE those long curls!

Retro Rocks!

Perfect example of a lob

I like the asymmetry of this long bob

Although I'm growing my hair, I still love the buzzed nape

This is similar to a style I had in 2007

I love this makeover!

Long bobs guys. It's what in style now

I love the subtle purple highlights

Makes me miss my panel highlights

So much like my cuts in 2013

Like they say, Red hair is Dangerous!


Friday, September 5, 2014